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Interview with Breezy Quarters on the Podcast

In today’s episode of the Podcast, I interview Paige Bowser of Breezy Quarters, a cute personal care shop in Abbeville, SC. Tune in to learn the secrets of her hometown marketing success.

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Now on to the show:

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Show Notes:

1:13 Learn about the history of her business
1:48 Hear about the cool products she offers & the development of her business
3:28 Learn about why she moved away from craft sales, festivals and farmer’s markets
4:38 Hear about what she did to tweak her business to become a profitable one
5:55 Listen in about how she reached out to her community
7:55 Find out her thoughts about competition
10:05 Hear about Paige’s strengths & about perseverance
13:28 Learn about how she has help with her store
15:35 Hear about benefits of having procedures written down
16:04 Learn about her biggest challenges and how she handles things
19:54 Hear about her techniques for reaching out to her customers and new potential ones
22:46 Get her advice for new business owners
27:30 Learn about her special discount and wholesale options available

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