Smart business strategies to be more productiveWe have a million things coming at us in a single day. No wonder we are worn out by the time we get home. This makes our family life suffer. Not to mention working this schedule day-after-day without a break takes a toll on our health.

Here are some smart business strategies to be more productive.

  1. Daily, create a “got to get it done list.”
  2. Go through that list and mark next to it anything you can delegate (TIP: if you have no one to delegate to, that needs to go onto your list).
  3. Number your list in order of importance … or at least id the top 1-2 things that have to happen. Remember: What is the one thing to do today that by doing will make other tasks easier or unnecessary?
  4. Knock out your tasks and protect your time.
  5. Remember to celebrate the wins.


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