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8 Things I’m doing right now to increase my productivity

Eliminating unnecessary activities and increasing your efficiency are the keys to improving your productivity. Here are 8 things I’m doing right now to increase my productivity. You can do them too.

1. Figuring out the one, biggest, most effective thing that will push the needle forward in my business.

I took some time a few weeks ago to figure out this one thing, based on my mission and vision for my business (my long-term goal). I Things I'm Doing Right Now to Increase My Productivitythen identified things that would move my business towards that vision. Then from that list I chose the ONE thing to focus on that would make everything else easier or unnecessary. I am working on that daily.

2. Always keeping that one thing in front of me.

I record my goals for the month as well as my daily task lists in a notebook. I add that to my task list every day.

3. Saying “No!” to other things that will take my time or distract me from my one thing.

These things might even be good things to do. However, at THIS time they are not. If it is something I really don’t want to forget about I put it on a “for the future” list. This can be really hard when someone you don’t want to say no to asks you to do something.

4. Doing the next step towards my one thing as early as possible in my day.

This can sometimes be tricky, but I’m really trying to make it one of my first things of the day. If I wait and I’m worn out at the end of a day, chances are I won’t get it done.

5. Sharing my one thing with someone for accountability.

I have shared my goals with my husband so he can gently keep me accountable 😊

6. Making my list of things to do the night before instead of in the morning.

When I jump out of bed in the morning, I know exactly what I’m going to do. This saves time and makes me more productive.

This one thing is proving to be a challenge for me. However, I am making the habit stronger every time I do it!

7. Eliminating unnecessary tasks and delegating essential ones.

If someone else can do a “good enough” job on a task, I’ll let them do it, so I can stay focused on activities that move me toward my goals.

Sometimes I find this challenging because I don’t always want to spend the extra time teaching someone how I want things done. Especially when I can do it quickly.

Monthly, I try to review my master task list and ask the question, “Does this even need to be done?” and “Is there a better way to do this?”

8. Avoiding email and social media until later in my day.

I want to get my one thing accomplished, so I give it the highest priority possible. This means eliminating distractions and postponing some tasks until I’m finished.

This is hard sometimes when you get social media notifications on your phone. Sometimes I’ll put my phone in airplane mode so I can stay focused. It also helps to limit social media and email activities to limited blocks of time.

What about you?

What do you do to be productive? I’d love to hear from you. Leave your comment here or share it with everyone on our Facebook page.

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