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Productivity Tip: The 4 D’s

4 Ds – Do, Delay, Delete, Delegate

I decided to finally get some help. I have worked with business coaches over the years and two things they stress is to stay focused and get some help.

It is super easy to loose focus, especially when you are a one woman operation. Recently I’ve been working on some big client projects. It’s super easy to stay focused on their projects, but I have to remember to look at the big picture for the rest of my business.

Focus on your strengths

One task I enjoy is creating lists. One business coach in particular says to make a list of everything I’m responsible for. Keep adding to that list as things come to me. Then to go back through that list periodically and see what things I could delegate to someone else, delete and let go, and what can be done at a later time.


The 4 D'sThe delete and let go can be tricky. I’ve found that when I have a clear plan and objectives that it makes deleting and delaying easier. Sometimes objectively stepping back to look at how I can make the system or project simpler works wonders. Making what was a 10 step process down to a 5 step process can save time. So delete by simplifying.


I put the delayed items on a list in a tickler file. I use a few different methods for this. Sometimes I’ll add it to my Google calendar. Other times I’ll add to a master “TTD – future” file folder on my computer.


The delegating can be a tough one. It’s easy to justify hiring someone to do the things I don’t know how to do. The hard task is delegating those things I know how to do… but that are taking me away from my long term goals. For instance, I can keep my own books. I’ve been doing it for years. However, by me doing my own books, even if just once a quarter, it keeps me from working on money making projects. My time is best spent coaching clients or creating websites, training programs and materials, ebooks or podcasts.

So, one delegating step I have taken is to get an assistant. The goal is to have someone to delegate some of my work to. The process of getting ready is helping me streamline my business processes by creating procedures and making sure I’m organized. It is also helping me reevaluate what I need to focus my attention on… or even what I need to delete.


Here are great resources for implementing the 4Ds:

So, I ask you. What one thing do you have on your plate that you could delete, delay or delegate today?