You are currently viewing Hometown Marketing Podcast Episode 6 – Interview with 313 CAFE

Hometown Marketing Podcast Episode 6 – Interview with 313 CAFE

Welcome to the Hometown Marketing Podcast with host Elian Tyson. This podcast is aimed at small business owners in towns of 15,000 people or less.

In today’s episode Elian interviews Leslie Schweitzer of 313 CAFÉ in Seneca, SC. Recorded May 9, 2018. Tune in to learn the secrets of this hometown marketing success.

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Now on to the show:

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Show Notes:

Listen in as we learn about Leslie & Jason’s amazing shop.

2:05 – Leslie’s background in hospitality

2:34 – How Leslie picked just the right “product” for her community

3:13 – Learn about some of the CAFÉ’s unique features… although I must say you need to experience it!

5:18 – Hear about how they picked their name

6:40 – Learn about the importance of food for comfort

7:50 – How Detroit is shaping their menu

8:18 – Learn how they found their great location

12:26 – Hear about how 313 handles competition

14:03 – Learn about their biggest strengths

15:17 – Discover how they got the wonderful look and feel for their Café

17:29 – Hear Leslie’s advise for new business owners

21:54 – Learn about finding great staff

26:40 – Meet barista Lauren Rick and what she likes the most about 313

30:54 – Meet barista Wade Kelly

FYI The reference to CAFÉ is a business I co-founded in 2011 with friend Lance Howard. It is a local, online farmer’s market. Learn more at


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