You are currently viewing Hometown Marketing Podcast Episode 4 – Leopard Forest Coffee Company

Hometown Marketing Podcast Episode 4 – Leopard Forest Coffee Company

Welcome to the Hometown Marketing Podcast with host Elian Tyson. This podcast is aimed at small business owners in towns of 15,000 people or less.

In today’s episode Elian talks with Adam Kelley, owner of Leopard Forest Coffee Company located in Travers Rest (TR), SC. Tune in to learn the secrets of this hometown marketing success.

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Now on to the show:

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Show Notes:

Listen in as we talk about what it’s like to run a successful 14 year old coffee house in a growing hometown community.

1:13 Learn about the longevity of Leopard Forest & it’s history

2:48 Learn about the company moving around TR

4:21 We talk about the marketing of their brand

5:40 How they reach folks who aren’t using social media

6:45 Learn how they market the Café & distribute their coffee beyond

8:04 Learn how they handle competition

9:08 We touch on standard operating procedures for consistent product delivery

10:56 Learn about roasting profiles to get consistent product

11:38 Learn about how they have customer retention and repeat business

12:29 Learn about white labeling

13:52 Lastly, get advice from Adam if you have a new business or are thinking about starting one

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