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Keep those business goals out front

One of my dear friends found out a couple of weeks ago that she has 6-9 months to live. I was distraught when I heard the news. I am honored to be her friend. She is at peace with the situation and is a source of inspiration everyday as I watch her. She isn’t going to undergo treatment since it would only prolong her suffering in the end.

A quote shared by her today isn’t new to me but is something I need to continually remind myself. Perhaps I should print it out and post on my fridge… or a variation of it.

From Les Brown – Imaging you are on your deathbed. Standing all around your bed are the ghosts of the ideas, the dreams, the abilities, and the talents, give to you by Life. And there they are standing around your bed, looking at you with large, angry eyes, saying, “We came to YOU; and ONLY YOU could have given us life.” The question is, if you die today, what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what gifts, will die with you?

Life is short

It’s a cliché. It’s over used. But it is soooo true.

In reflection of my life and when I’m coaching others, this is the place to start. What do you want your life to look like when your time comes? How do you want folks to remember you? I want to be remembered as strong, compassionate woman, willing to help others, a great mom and a great wife. I’m not here to please everyone, but I hope that the majority of people who come into contact with me like me and at the very least, don’t regret knowing me. LOL

Life accomplishments

There are things I want to accomplish. My number one aim outside of my family is to be an outstanding role model as a self employed business woman. I want to help others be successful small business owners. I want them to be able to make enough money to achieve their dreams and goals (not just have  a business on the side making a little extra pocket money).

To be successful it takes having a solid business plan. Making sure the numbers work. Making sure you factor in paying yourself. Depending on your business model it should be able to run without you if you need or want to take a week or month off. A contingency plan, aka emergency plan, needs to be included.

So this is what I want to share with you over the upcoming year. If you want to follow along, learn and grow your business, please subscribe to our updates so you don’t miss a thing.

From my dying friend…. “No one gets out of here alive, so let’s make it the best possible journey we can.”