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Fill your cup… then life flows

When your cup is filled you are able to give more. Give more to your business, to your family, to yourself, to everyone. I’ve heard many times that your “cup” is like a bank account. You just can’t make withdrawals without eventually making some deposits.

Fill your cup10 fantastic ways to fill your cup

  1. Block out dates with yourself
    Get a massage, a pedicure or just go to a museum or park. Block out those times and guard them!
  2. Read inspiring works
    Hunt out books that make you feel powerful and that you can do things. One great book is Unstoppable Woman by Cynthia Kersey.
  3. Meditate and/or pray daily
    This provides many benefits including lowering your stress level. It will also help you feel grounded.
  4. Feed your body well
    When you eat well your body will respond well. This is especially true if you experience a set back. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed food is the best thing to do. Ironically, the more of these foods you eat, the more your taste buds like them.
  5. Don’t forget the water
    Water makes all of your joints and body parts work better. Think of a car door that squeaks. It’s usually an older car and it’s because it needs to be oiled. Water is like oil for the body. It hydrates but also flushes out bad stuff like waste and toxins.
  6. Exercise – it releases endorphins
    To be honest, this is the one thing I have the hardest time with. I know I feel better when I exercise. I just delay until I’m too tired or don’t plan on it at all for busy days. One trick is to just schedule more movement into your day such as parking at the end of the parking lot or using the stairs instead of the elevator.
  7. Sex – for the same reason as exercise
    There are a whole bunch of benefits here. Not just creating intimacy but releasing endorphins. I won’t lie, sometimes it can be a challenge. If needed play some movies in your mind to help you get in the mood.
  8. Spend time in nature
    Picnics, hikes or just a walk through a park are great ways to get out there. I love the serenity of nature. Make it fun and enjoy yourself.
  9. Spend quality time with your loved ones
    Your loved ones need to feel loved and a great way is by spending more time with them. Schedule it and stick to it. If you could have the perfect date, month, season, what would that be? Ask them the same and see what you can schedule in.
  10. Create a vision board/book and spend time with it daily
    Creating a visual representation of the things you want is a great way to manifest them. Even if you don’t believe in “manifestation” it can serve as a great reminder of what things you want to feel successful when the going gets tough. It will help you be emotionally attached.


Do you have other ways you like to fill your cup? I’d love to hear what they are.

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