Doing Good Things

I had a great childhood growing up as the oldest of three. We lived in Clemson, SC through my second grade. During third grade, we lived in Texas because of dad’s work. My parents are from Texas and therefore liked being back there. It was a learning experience for me for sure. A new school, new friends and new terrain.

We returned to SC after my third-grade year and moved into a quaint mill village for the rest of my school days. I gave hundreds of volunteer hours to the high school marching band, the yearbook staff, clubs, and other groups. One year I donated my lunch break so that I could work with a mentally challenged class. I was always very busy.

At Clemson University, I continued sharing my time and talent with worthy causes while working my way through school. I participated in Tiger Band and, later, the local student chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Professional life and more time to give back

I enjoyed working in my chosen field of marketing after graduating from Clemson. My good fortune soon gave me two amazing sons whom I raised while working part time. During that period, I gave lots of hours to church and various community groups.

CAFÉ and other public outreach efforts are born

CAFEA friend and I co-founded the Clemson Area Food Exchange (CAFÉ) in 2011. The innovative online farmer’s market serves customers in upstate South Carolina. We use an online shopping system to connect local farmers and their products with consumers. Every week, throughout the year, a fantastic group of volunteers manages the local markets where customers go to pick up their orders.

I continued serving the community as I managed CAFÉ and my other responsibilities. Shortly after starting CAFÉ, I joined forces with other community members to start Liberty Festivals & Events. We operated the non-profit organization giving back to our local community for three years before transitioning to a dormant state. We successfully produced for the city of Liberty a spring festival, music series, fall festival and fall shopping event along with other smaller events. I am now working with the new Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce. If you are in the area, please join us.

Together We Can Make an Even Bigger Difference!

In coming months, I will share more of my story with you, including the things that led me to where I am today and some of my discoveries along the way. I welcome you as you walk alongside me as my saga continues!  With excitement, I anticipate everything that life has in store.

Put my experience to work for you. Contact me via email regarding real estate, philanthropy, fund-raising or community leadership.  I usually answer every email within 24-48 hours: