Be a productive entrepreneur… set up systems for your business

be productive with SystemsSystems

What are they for your business? What does that really mean anyway?

A system is any repeatable process that could be done by someone else to make the set of tasks as efficient as possible (if set up right).

Systems include things like:

  • How you get new customers
  • How you handle customer complaints
  • How you handle inventory
  • How you handle book keeping
  • How you bring on new team members

Basically anything required to operate your business can be put into a system. (more…)

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Defining your heart of business

Why are you doing what you are?

If you were to win the lottery and money was no longer an object, after you travel all you plan to travel and buy the things you plan to buy, what would you do with your life?

My “Heart of Business” is to be a beacon of light to women entrepreneur’s… to provide direction, to ease/eliminate financial anxiety and insecurity, to help motivate, to encourage, and to teach strategies to achieve all that they want to achieve.

No longer are excuses ok.

Fear and doubt no more. (more…)

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