Be a productive entrepreneur… set up systems for your business

be productive with SystemsSystems

What are they for your business? What does that really mean anyway?

A system is any repeatable process that could be done by someone else to make the set of tasks as efficient as possible (if set up right).

Systems include things like:

  • How you get new customers
  • How you handle customer complaints
  • How you handle inventory
  • How you handle book keeping
  • How you bring on new team members

Basically anything required to operate your business can be put into a system. (more…)

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Productivity Tip: The 4 D’s

4 Ds – Do, Delay, Delete, Delegate

I decided to finally get some help. I have worked with business coaches over the years and two things they stress is to stay focused and get some help.

It is super easy to loose focus, especially when you are a one woman operation. Recently I’ve been working on some big client projects. It’s super easy to stay focused on their projects, but I have to remember to look at the big picture for the rest of my business. (more…)

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